We are a consortium of designers, builders, artists, educators and investors working toward a shared vision for the Flint Hills of Kansas.

A multi-faceted project of the Eureka Studio/Small Town Studio. An opportunity to study the divide between Rural and Urban environments and the opportunities that exist. From the vantage point of a small town.








Project: C  A  M  P  E  S  T  R  A  L


Our focus will be affordable and alternative housing, food and health, development of the visual and performing arts, project and partnership development.

We will re-invent the way projects are conceived, programmed, designed, financed and marketed.

Using a triple bottom line approach, our business model weighs community building and environmental awareness on par with economic viability.

We help develop and accelerate enterprises to provide jobs with dignity, opportunity and a sense of purpose.

Having said all that, I have to say this: we could use a little help, Stay in touch.

Larry Coleman








EUREKA STUDIO | A Rural Community Design Center

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Small Town Studio
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