We are a consortium of designers, builders, artists, educators, and investors working toward a shared vision for the Flint Hills of Kansas.

A multi-faceted project. An opportunity to study the divide between Rural and Urban environments and the opportunities that exist.





Where do we see the Flint Hills in 2050?

Regional brands develop by accentuating the natural landscape features and primary industries such as vineyard’s, ranching etc., but they are uniquely defined by the food, arts, culture, and the people that make up the community and the experiences that exists.

The ARTS for example can transcend the divide between urban and rural environments. A region is best defined by a mixture of all assets and experiences. It goes to quality-of-life issues, we have that! We will see an expansion of business hubs, innovation groups and unique satellite offices that will spread prosperity threw out the Flint Hills.







A Community Development Fund




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